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The trainings are dedicated to orthopedic traumatologists, radiologists, ultrasonographers, rheumatologists, physiatrists, physiotherapists, neurologists, sports physicians, and other medical specialists who encounter musculoskeletal system pathology in daily practice.

ABOUT seminars

During the hands-on workshops, participants will learn to perform ultrasound and independently interpret anatomical structures. The evaluation will take place with live models using modern ultrasound equipment to maximize the practical part. Professional lecturers will coordinate the work of all participants with convenient experience in muscle and skeletal diagnostic ultrasound.

All hands-on workshops take place only in small groups so that each participant can perform all practical tasks individually and has the opportunity to communicate directly with tutors.


2023 12 01
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas
MD Darius Dicevicius
Seppo Appelqvist

If you want MD PhD Saulius Rutkauskas to organize musculoskeletal ultrasound hands-on training in your city, please get in touch with us for detailed information.