Theoretical and Practical Teaching
of Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ultrasound CENTER

Ultrasound Center is the first in the Baltic States and one of the few training institutions in Europe to focus exclusively on ultrasound diagnostics. Founded on the initiative of Saulijus Rutkauskas, doctor of medical sciences, radiologist, the center today brings together highly skilled doctors from different disciplines of medicine who exchange their knowledge and experience during training.

Every year, the Ultrasound Center organises dozens of trainings on ultrasound diagnostics, aimed at both novices and experienced clinicians. During the courses, lecturers share valuable theoretical knowledge while emphasising the practical component. Using the center’s state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, lecturers help trainees to better assimilate theoretical knowledge and acquire the right practical skills. The small-group training sessions are held in a casual setting, with immediate communication and individual attention to each trainee.

years of teaching


“Our objective is to ensure that every specialist attending Ultrasound Centre courses gains invaluable insights and practical experience that can be seamlessly integrated into their daily professional practice.”

Dr. Saulius Rutkauskas

Small groups

All our courses are conducted in small groups, facilitating interactive sessions where lecturers engage with the entire audience during theoretical segments. Participants benefit from individualised attention during practical sessions.

Abundance of clinical cases

During each training session, participants are presented with a wide variety of clinical cases, most of which are captured in video format. The analysis of these cases aids specialists in mitigating potential errors in practice and significantly enhances diagnostic accuracy.

Highly competent lecturers

Each lecturer leading Ultrasound Centre courses brings valuable expertise to the table, boasting extensive practical experience and a wealth of knowledge in their respective domains.

Timely, reliable information

Throughout our courses, we not only share knowledge and experiences but also systematically disseminate updates on evolving trends in ultrasound diagnostics: emerging technologies, innovative solutions, and new research methodologies.

30-80% practical exercises

The precision of ultrasound diagnostics relies heavily on the expertise of the practitioner, underscoring our focus on practical tasks during training sessions. Participants are trained to perform standardised patient examinations, precise execution of ultrasound manoeuvres, transducer manipulation, identification of abnormalities, recognition of subtle indicators, and accurate pathology diagnosis.

Modern equipment

It is important to us that during the practical sessions, specialists not only learn to conduct examinations correctly but also have the opportunity to use the most advanced technologies. Therefore, in our training centre, only the state-of-the-art ultrasound diagnostic equipment from the world's top-rated manufacturers and quality work tools are used for task execution.

Upcoming EVENTS

2024 07 20
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas
2024 08 01
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas
2024 08 23
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas

feedback from attendees

Jaber Abou Hassan
Physiotherapist at Prince Saud Bin Jalawi Hospital
I am deeply grateful for what you have done for me in completing my educational journey with sonography.
During the last four weeks, Dr. Saulius and I strengthened what I have already known from previous visit, mainly with respect to knee and shoulder as well as ankle. Furthermore, we have explored، to some extend in depth، further tissues that we didn’t cover previously especially muscles, upper limb nerves, other tissues at knee, elbow, wrist and shoulder as well as ankle. In addition, we had a glimpse on hip joint which certainly need to be strengthened in future.
Not to forget the amazing differences with respect to the concepts of pathologies between Physiotherapist and Radiologist.
This time Dr. Saulius kindly grants me more time to practice and take it more to amazing level by improving my handling the probe. The sketches, he made, really improved my visual image which certainly eases my ability to recognize and understand the visualized the pathology.
I am really looking forward to my next mentorship for further strengthening what I have already known and explore new things.
The last but not the least, l am really grateful to have new true friend overseas. That he made his maximal effort to ease my life in a foreign country.
MD PhD Prof. Emilis Cekanauskas
Head of the Orthopaedic Traumatology Sector, Children’s Surgery Clinic, Kaunas Clinics, Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. President of the Lithuanian Society of Paediatric Orthopaedic Traumatologists

Saulius Rutkauskas was one of the first specialists to use ultrasonography to diagnose fractures in children that were not evident on conventional X-ray. At the beginning of his career, Saulius had a strong interest in paediatric radiological diagnostics, particularly the musculoskeletal system. It was clear that the young professional would not limit himself to this field. Currently, I consider Saulius to be one of the best specialists in ultrasound diagnostics, which are like the gold standard for identifying pathology in patients. I trust, respect and recommend him.

MD PhD Prof. Laimonas Siupsinskas
Professor of Sports Medicine Clinic, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Doctor of Biomedical Sciences, Physiotherapist at Kaunas Clinic

Ultrasound is perhaps the only diagnostic tool that allows to look inside the human body and assess what happens during movement. The success of treatment depends on accurate diagnosis. I have faith in this test method and the doctor’s expertise.

MD Nerijus Linkus
Orthopaedic surgeon – traumatologist. Head of Artro Klinika

The highest level of professionalism, skill and experience. I always get clear answers to the most complicated diagnostic issues. I appreciate that you go above and beyond your clinical responsibilities and provide training and knowledge sharing. It is an honour to work with you.

MD PhD Linas Pauliukenas
Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor

Restoring the flexibility and mobility of the affected joint is critical for understanding how the periarticular structures work during movement, which is what ensures this function. Functional or in-motion echocardiography therefore allows us to assess their condition, predict their recovery and select the most appropriate physiotherapy approach for the restoration of these structures.

MD Edvard Janovic
Orthopaedic surgeon – traumatologist

Dr. Saulius Rutkauskas is an excellent specialist, a warm and pleasant person, a true linear echosounder virtuoso. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this sonoscopy course and learn from the best. A sonoscopy test is a “cheap”, painless, widely available, extremely informative (if the image is properly visualised) test. A “must have” test in the arsenal of every traumatologist.

MD PhD Kestutis Braziulis
Orthopaedic surgeon – traumatologist

An ultrasound examination in the hands of an experienced specialist may be more informative than magnetic resonance imaging.

MD Emilija Miliuviene
Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor

I am very excited to learn about musculoskeletal echocardiography. The knowledge gained not only serves diagnostic purposes, but also expands clinical thought in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Saulius Rutkauskas is a professional doctor, educator, and an ardent advocate for patients and the advancement of ultrasound examination among colleagues.


MD Arturas Sarkevicius
Orthopaedic surgeon – traumatologist

For me, sonoscopy is yet another great discovery in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pathology. It’s like an extra sensation – an update for the doctor. Saulius is an excellent expert in his field who understands the essence of the subject he teaches very accurately, concretely and clearly. Thank you.