Practice | 3 days | 100 patients


A regular flow of patients is necessary for the specialist to notice and diagnose ultrasonographically atypical or less frequent changes. Intensive practice and a variety of clinical cases provide much more opportunities to acquire specific knowledge and skills necessary in ultrasound diagnostics. When a specialist lacks this practice, the quality of diagnostics suffers, and the probability of possible errors increases significantly. 

This intensive 3-day internship is explicitly designed for all specialists who want to maximize their skills over a long time by diagnosing pathologies with ultrasound. When evaluating clinical cases of different complexity, participants will learn the basics of correct diagnosis and have the opportunity to learn more about the subtleties of this imaging.

Not the years of ultrasound scanning illustrate a specialist’s experience but the examined number of patients with the feedback.


The aims of the internship are to:

  • provide practical ultrasound examination opportunities for every MSK ultrasound specialist;
  • increase confidence in scanning and recognizing the MSK US pathology;
  • discuss the radiological strategy of report writing; 
  • encourage professional continuing education.


The internship is intended for specialists already familiar with the basics of ultrasound examination and who want to learn how to identify pathology. More experienced specialists can also learn how to apply ultrasound protocols and recognize ultrasound pathology more optimally.

Ultrasound examination

The ultrasound examination takes an average of 10 minutes. Depending on the pathology, the study may last 5 to 20 minutes. Clinical cases will be discussed during or after the examination. 
Scanning the patient with permission and supervision will be achievable in pathology cases. There are possibilities to save and bring home the images with discovered pathology.


Patients can arrive with random MSK pathologies and the age can be from 2 weeks up to 99 years old. Up to 5 percent of patients may need MSK-unrelated examinations, such as carotid artery scans. The number of patients can be variable. 
Ultrasound center cannot take responsibility for patients because they may not come to an ultrasound examination for various reasons or disagree with being evaluated by internship participants.


  Detailed information on the internship is provided in the table below. The program may be subject to change.



Working hours


Expected number of patients
1Wednesday8.30 AM – 2.00 PMAveVita Clinic



Thursday9.00 AM – 4.00 PMJurbarkas Hospital40-45

8.30 AM – 2.00 PM

AveVita Clinic


3.00 PM – 5.00 PMArtroklinika Clinic



21 hours

3 locations


AVEvita Clinic


Kovo 11 str. 22, LT-47142, Kaunas, Lithuania

jurbarkas hospital


Vyduno str. 56, LT-74112, Jurbarkas, Lithuania

artroklinika clinic


Statybininku str. 16, LT- 50120, Kaunas, Lithuania

Other information

399 Eur (VAT included)

The payment must be received in advance.

Ultrasound center accept only the direct transfers to company bank account indicating the internship data, for example, “The Internship 2023 November”

MB Ultrasound Center
Address: Kalnu str. 56A-11, LT-47178, Kaunas, Lithuania
Company code: 306047636
Account No: LT893500010015199980
Bank: UAB Paysera LT
Bank code: 35000

If you have any difficulties with the payment, please feel free to contact

The invoices are issued only after the end of the training.

1-2 interns per internship

There is no waiting list for either the current or upcoming internships. Places are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Due to the time limit, it is possible only to observe ultrasound examinations. However, if there is actual pathology, the patient’s prolonged scan will be feasible. There is a chance to examine independently up to 20-30 percent of the patients.  

Mindray M7 and Esaote MyLAb9ex


Casual clothing

The participants will have to take care of food and drinks on their own.

The participant himself must arrange arrival only to Avevita Clinic.

Travel from Kaunas to Jurbarkas on Thursday and from AveVita to Artroklinika on Friday will be organized by the Ultrasound Center.

More detailed information will be provided after registration. 

No certificate will be provided.

100% of the fee will be refunded 2 months remaining to the internship | 50% of the fee will be refunded 1 month before the internship | No refunds if less than 1 month remain before the internship

If you have any questions,
please feel free to ask

upcoming internship

2024 07 01
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas
2024 08 01
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas
2024 09 01
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas
2024 10 01
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas
2024 11 01
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas
2024 12 01
MD PhD Assoc Prof Saulius Rutkauskas


After completing the registration form below, we will send confirmation and further information to your email


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There are three airports in Lithuania. Vilnius Airport operates the most significant flights in different directions. The second largest – Kaunas Airport, offers fewer travel directions. Still, in terms of distance, Kaunas Airport is highly convenient for those who arrive at the Ultrasound Center because it is only 10 kilometers away.


Distance from Kaunas Airport to Kaunas
10 kilometers / 15 minutes

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2. Taxicab: Bolt


Distance from Vilnius Airport to Kaunas
97 kilometers / 1 hour 10 minutes

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Distance from Palanga Airport to Kaunas
241 kilometers / 2 hours 20 minutes

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